Nicky-Priyanka is broken due to the family!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas A popular Bollywood actress. Another American poplar On December 1, 018, the two groups tied together. After that Hanimun has also been abroad. But in just three months, that happiness is the ending relationship. In the meantime, the couple started the divorce process!

A US magazine recently claimed this.

A source reluctant to reveal the name said that there is no match between the 36-year-old heroine and the 26-year-old singer. The work, the party, the two spent time alone - it is a problem or a problem both of the two. Many people close to this pair think that this couple was soon married. Now it is worth the price.

Why is Priyanka-Nick's match? According to sources, after getting married, any decision or Priyanka taking Nick. Bollywood heroine is not giving much importance to Nick's decision. And Nick's objection. His opinion seems to be missing. Even before marriage, the equation of their relationship was not such that the close relatives are demanding.

The family has also advised Nicake to come out of this relationship. Did they think that Priyanka Parivartanask Can be able to make a living. But after his marriage, many of Nick's family seem to have seen his behavior, in fact Priyanka loves most for the party. Even though the age of 36, the condition is still similar to a 21-year-old girl.