When is Deepika mother?

"Deepika, when are you mother?" After the marriage, the question has been heard many times, one of Bollywood's most popular stars Deepika Padukone. Whenever you hear, a little laughing at a sweet smile, or else you pay attention. And at the press conference said, 'The next question is.'
There is no way to get anymore. The question is absolutely face-to-face. The answer must be something. Ranbir Singh was uneasy about the situation. But leaving the bride, Deepika Padukone. "When you stop spreading these rumors and stop sneering, then you stop there." It did not stop here. He said, 'If a girl gets married, why should she face such a problem again and again? Why should he be embarrassed? He has a plan for himself. And these are all our personal affairs. Please, do not fool the fool. '
A few days ago, in Mumbai, there was such a question that the other Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra had to face the question. Fans-followers and media outlets have seen some of his pictures taken in a fashion show. They took Priyanka's look at those pictures, Priyanka's childbirth. But Priyanka's mother says everyone is wrong, and the camera angle responsible for this mistake.
Recently, Priyanka's mother Madhoo Chopra talked about this. He said, 'Priyanka's clothes were great. It seems to be pregnant to see him in a few pictures. It's the fault of the camera. The reason for the bad angle of the camera has been there. The rest of the pictures were but right. "In a mid-call interview, he said that he talked to the girl about the matter on the phone.
But after getting the child, Priyanka said to the media, "People of my house are happy with what I got married. We both know that we have to take a child. But I'm not thinking about it right away. We are very busy, we love them very much. In normal routine, I will take the child from time to time. When it is time, it will happen. '
Deepika Padukone is busy with the film work after marriage. Now he is acting in 'Chhapak'. And Ranbir Singh is preparing for the film 'Three Three'. Apart from this, he has another picture, namely 'Takht'.